Sunday, March 7, 2010

R.O.L.E. of being a Family Member

I believe this is an often forgotten thought to most people, but when you take the time to reflect on the things you would do, have done, can do, should do, will do, plan to for family, you'd be amazed. Family, is an extension of self, that builds and grows as you set the stones to allow it to step forward and form on each base member. Base member? Yes, The Family base starts with the parents and like the roots of a tree grow down as life moves on.

Let me explain it this way. When Woman met Man, the seed of family was planted. Each day of the courting relationship, the seed was watered with love and attention, respect and care, protection from distention, allowing it to gain nourishment from the soil of the relationship. As the relationship burgeoned, the roots begin to develop, reaching deeper into the relationship to anchor for the possibility of blooms, sprouts and upward growth. While burrowing deeper the roots of this new seed meet the roots of their respective family members who have formed roots of their own. This intertwined matrix bound together to increase the support of the potential upward growth as well as all that has already begun.

Now with the proper care and attention, this seed, now with its roots gaining strength and grasping tightly to the reality of the relationship, sprouts upward to explore a new aspect of the relationship. In doing so, the journey upward is slow, though not as slow as proper root growth, reaches the light of day for the first time in the form of a child. Man can now work to become Father, and Woman graduates to Mother. The physical push of the seedling, is no small task, and serves as only the beginning of a lifetime of needs. As mother and father, the roots must now not only maintain the grasp on the soil but must now broaden to prepare for the weight of parenthood.

When I walk through the forest of my family I love the shade given me by the Great Redwoods of the Grandparents, The Powerful Oaks of our parents and the leaf variety of my siblings families. Yet, to me family does not end at the far reaches of my branches or limbs, we unlike trees can move and interact with the world, bringing new people into our lives to share our lives. In this vein,we gain family who become friends, we gain friends who become like family, we gain friends who become family and to them we extend the same gratitude, protection and expectation as we do immediate members of our core forest.

I see my role as a Family member as being there whether I am needed or not.
I see my role as a Family member as being a Father, Husband, Brother and Son.
I see my role as a Family member as being a guide, a sage, a coach and a leader.
I see my role as a Family member as being a listener, a learner, a student, and a novice
I see my role as a Family Member as being loved, cared for, available, and strong.
I see my role as a Family Member as being....

What is your role as a Family Member...I would love to know